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Get your home listed on the market; now is the time. Why? Ask any real estate agent and they will confirm: there is a housing inventory shortage in Gig Harbor. Buyers are waiting anxiously to find their dream home due to this shortage. 1st get a Free Comprehensive Home Report by clicking here or the button below to ascertain it's value and download the Free guide to selling your home.

This sign belongs outside your Gig Harbor home.

Putting this sign outside your house gets results. It stands out, it gets people calling, and it gets your house sold.

I am not the kind of real estate agent that likes to collect as many listings as possible. I like to make sure I take very good care of the clients I make promises to.

The kind of promises I make are:

  • I will always be on time.
  • I will always be honest with you.
  • I will always do what I say I'm going to do.

Bottom line: Together, there is nothing that cannot be overcome.
Let's get that sign up, and get your house seen, loved & SOLD!


Possibly the hardest working Real Estate Agent in Gig Harbor

Selling, or listing houses is what my business model is based upon. It's what I enjoy the most and I take great pride in my work. No shoddy photos and boring descriptions here. You see, I work at the Keller Williams West Sound office in Gig Harbor, WA, where we have over 99+ Realtors® based out of that one office. Why does this matter? That's 99+ real estate agents with potential buyers and contacts that we can leverage straight away, for a start.

My promises as your Realtor explained:

1.) I will always be on time. Unless something genuinely unexpected occurs I will be there when I say i will. I know there is nothing worse than being kept waiting by someone who thinks your time is not as important as theirs.

2.) I will always be honest with you. First, I will conduct a comparative market analysis before I even knock on your door. This is a 'fact based' report that will be yours to keep as a way of estimating the eventual selling price. I'll then adjust the price to suit your home, as every property is unique. As a Realtor, I'm not going to pressure you, or flash gimmicky "Your home will sell tomorrow, guaranteed!" promises. Because in reality, no one can tell the future and no one can guarantee anything. See, that's pretty honest already.

3.) I will always do what I say I'm going to do. I know there is nothing worse than being promised the earth at the onset, only to have nothing but tumbleweeds and and the sounds of crickets cross your mind whenever you need to know what is going on. Like I said before, I take great pride in my work and will treat your home like my own until I get it SOLD. This means that if I say I will host an open house as your agent, I will. If I say I will update you weekly, I will. There is nothing more frustrating for a home seller than wondering if and when any activity has taken place on their home. I get that. You deserve proper service, and I take pride in seeing that happen.

4.) I will be your personal Realtor. Not my assistant, not my cousin's sister who needed a receptionist job. I will come out personally to go over your comparative market analysis. I will make sure the photos of your home are stunning. No wonky, blurred. or "what the heck is that" photos will do. Your home will be described fully and professionally. Does it have a one of a kind view of the fourth hole? Let's be sure to tell our prospective buyers. I will be your negotiator; the best real estate agent will always make sure your best interest comes first. 

Please sell my home in Gig Harbor

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