1) Price: It’s completely important to get the price right.

I don’t mean price it cheap to sell it quick, I mean that by researching the market (as I will), we can come up with the right price for the market at that time. Buyers already have a pretty good idea these days of what a property is worth and how much they are willing to pay.

2) Cleanliness: Is it smelling nice and well presented?

I can’t stress enough the need to follow this piece of advice. Remember that by making the decision to place your home on the market you are also effectively inviting members of the (buying) public into your home for scrutiny, and believe me when I say scrutiny! Get a good friend to come round and test the air for you and help de-clutter if need be. Your home is now a showroom; make it count!

3) Marketing: Make sure your Realtor® has a plan.

This is mainly my role, but as someone selling your home, you need to be confident that your agent or Realtor® is going to give you the best chances of getting seen and getting potential buyers through your front door. A few snapshots from a cellphone of your toilet and a dusty featureless corner, or a shot of your bed and some dirty laundry, and a wonky out of focus shot of the outside really doesn’t cut the mustard these days.

So there you have it. Short and sweet; but these are the 3 major tips to getting your home sold quickly and for a great price.