Down Payment Resource is available

So you have already ascertained that you can afford that new home you've been dreaming of in Gig Harbor WA but the down payment is holding you back. Did you know that Down Payment Money is available and that this is not a joke or any other kind of scheme designed to prey on the less wealthy? This terrific program is being offered in association with the Northwest MLS and I, as a licensed REALTOR® here in Pierce/Kitsap Counties WA can offer this genuine service as a means to get you into that home sooner rather than later.

 Down Payment Resource in association with the Northwest MLS and Adrian Carey, Realtor

Down Payment Resource in association with the Northwest MLS and Adrian Carey, Realtor

enables you to buy sooner rather than later

Now as a responsible real estate professional, I should say that this program might not be for everyone. It is after all a form of loan with a very low interest rate. The nuts and bolts of this program is for your loan officer to discuss with you. The reason we are so excited is because we know that interest rates will skyrocket over the next 12-24 months. (As at time of writing Jan' 2018). It will probably still be cheaper to buy now rather than wait by saving all that extra money you thought you needed as a down on that home. Just my 2 cents...ALWAYS SPEAK TO YOUR LENDER.

About Down Payment Resource

Down Payment Resource (DPR) creates opportunity for homebuyers, REALTORS® and lenders by uncovering programs that get people into homes. The company tracks approximately 2,500 homebuyer programs through its housing finance agency partners. DPR has been recognized by Inman News as "Most Innovative New Technology" and the HousingWire Tech100™. DPR is licensed to Multiple Listing Services, Realtor Associations, lenders and housing counselors across the country.

About Northwest MLS

Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), owned by its member real estate firms, is the largest full-service MLS in the Northwest. Its membership of more than 2,200 member offices includes more than 28,000 real estate professionals. The organization, based in Kirkland, Washington, currently serves 23 counties in the state. As a licensed member of the NWMLS I'm proud to be able to offer this incredible service as part of my client experience.


Down Payment Money

It all starts right here. Click the button and get more information than you imagined was available to get you home sooner...

Now working with the NWMLS

Atlanta-based Down Payment Resource (DPR), the nationwide databank for homebuyer programs, is now integrated into the listing database at Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The service allows Northwest MLS's 28,000 real estate brokers to search and review eligibility and benefit details of all homeownership programs in Washington, helping connect their buyers with available programs.

With the new tool, Northwest MLS member brokers can connect local homebuyers to programs that may help them save on their down payment and buy their home sooner. Sixty-one percent of current MLS property listings are eligible for one or more programs.

Imagine yourself home!

The Urban Institute report also showed how many home buyers could have taken advantage of down payment assistance and other affordable lending programs in 2016. In Seattle, 40 percent of loans would have been eligible for down payment assistance, with an average assistance of $21,435.

So what next? Click here to answer a few short questions about your proposed home purchase and the program will instantly give you a list of organizations with the respective contact details for you to contact. Then we just need to get you in front of a well versed loan officer and run all the numbers for you. Then you may be able to go home sooner rather than later.

There is never a better time to buy real estate than right now.
— Adrian Carey, REALTOR®